About PIAneers

I see you and I acknowledge you

If you’re reading this, it means that you are or aspire to be a/an:

  • Incredibly powerful person who is looking to experience more joy and fulfillment by bringing more of what makes you unique and amazing into in the work you do and impact you make.
  • High-achieving, high-performing, and high-potential leader, entrepreneur, influencer, professional, or creative individual
  • Successful based on other people’s standards, and now committed to create what YOU truly want in your life and work
  • Committed to creating positive change in your “world”– a true world-leader , whether that world represents your family, career, team, company, community, society, or the planet
  • Energetic, positive person individual with a tendency to run towards possibilities rather than away from problems and an abundance-mindset – all with a SMILE on your face
  • Unique, weird, quirky, unorthodox leader who doesn’t “fit in”, but chooses to “stand out” -> and you’re looking for a community and peer group where you truly belong
  • Growth-minded, self-aware, people-oriented, value- multiplier who performs better in supportive yet challenging environments
  • Trailblazer ready to step out of your comfort-zone to blaze your own path to your definition of success and fulfillment.

Either you recognized it in yourself, or someone else saw it in you, and made a referral to you, and invited you to come be a part of this community and movement based on empowering joy and fulfillment through Possibility, Inclusion and Authenticity.

You are an Empjoyment PIAneer.

I see you and I acknowledge you – Kudos on being who you are.

What got you here…

You are a Multi-passionate, Multi-talented Renaissance Person

In-Flow: There are many things that you feel passionate about that excite you across a variety of genres, causes, activities, and jobs. You often find yourself involved and advocating for projects and causes that most people would consider out of the norm.

In-Excess: There’s not enough time in the day to fully pursue each of those passions resulting in constant pressure to re-prioritize and/or engage in activities at a less than desired amount

You are growth-oriented

In-Flow: Learning is a journey that you never intend to stop. Learning more about how the world works, how others have approached problems, and/or just really interesting information that could be useful one day.

You understand that knowledge alone isn’t power – the power comes from it’s application. However, you equipped yourself with as much information as possible to be ready when opportunity knocks.

You put yourself in positions to learn in the real-world, rather than keeping it in your thoughts.

In-Excess: You look for the “right way” and the guru/teacher to provide you with answers to guide your next steps (and the steps that follow). Your search for the right answers isn’t predicated on asking the right questions first.

You are self-aware

In-Flow: You understand your strengths, opportunities, and values and how they are currently exhibiting in your life.

In-Excess: You are hard on yourself when you take action in a way that doesn’t align with your vision of yourself or don’t take action on items that you feel align with your values and intentions.

You are an action-taker with a track record of success

In-Flow: The things you want to see come to life often do and people recognize your ability to get things done, which makes them attracted to you

In-Excess: The burden of the track record makes it more important to get everything right before you take your next step.

You are a leader in your life, work, and world

In-Flow: You take responsibility and ownership about creating the items in life that you really want in life.

You bring others together to accomplish something greater than what can be done alone.You take on big challenges and deliver great results. You are able to accomplish more than most with less resources, time, and effort.

In-Excess: You feel a heavy responsibility when you’re not taking action towards ideals/causes/situations where you feel something better could be done.

You disproportionately attribute successful/positive outcomes to external factors (“It wasn’t me- it was the team/luck. I was just in the right place at the right time”) and attribute negative outcomes to that of your own doing or fault (“I should have known better/ planned for this/seen this coming.” “How could I have missed that!” “I appreciate that but this, this, and this didn’t go to plan”).

You are surrounded with people who love, respect, and admire you (even though you secretly don’t feel like you’ve accomplished all that much)

In-Flow: You aren’t alone for company and you have people in your life who will do their best to support you and see you happy.

You are able to put in a little bit of energy for what others consider to be really great results.

You get more opportunities than others and consistently find yourself in higher places/situations that you wouldn’t have expected to be at in your life/career.

In-Excess: Your current friends, family, community love you so dearly that they end up keeping you exactly where you are. Their well-intentioned advice isn’t in alignment with where you’re looking to take yourself.

You aren’t exposed to a variety of situations that complement your own and allow you to innovate your ideas to higher levels.

You feel like an imposter who is going to be found out at any time.

You are an independent creator

In-Flow: You haven’t needed help to make your visions come to life.

You are self-motivated and able to take projects from start to finish

In-Excess: You don’t know how to ask for help and have not surrounded yourself with people who understand you and what you are working towards.

You are a perfectionist who consistently delivers high-quality results

In-Flow: Everything you touch turns to gold and you are regularly lauded for it publicly.

You know that you deliver great work and sometimes it’s worth waiting just a little bit longer to make it perfect before sharing with others.

In-Excess: You often don’t reveal your ideas or projects to others until it’s far too late into the process.

You find yourself spending time on features / improvements that ultimately don’t change the value proposition highly.

You surround yourself with like-minded people

In-Flow: You are constantly surrounded by people who encourage you and your way of thinking. This motivates you forward as you see others who have succeeded with challenges you are/will face.

You have a network of people you can turn to for questions who will understand you.

In-Excess: You end up in echo chambers where new ideas and ways of seeing the world aren’t produced. Challenges to the status quo / way we do things aren’t experienced leading to a group-think and a slow-down in your growth.

You aren’t able to find innovative, forward-moving approaches to issues you’re looking to solve. You aren’t surrounded by an ecosystem of dynamic players that can help you bring your vision of the future to life.

You take on big challenges, hold grand visions, and want the best for those your lead

In-flow: You create opportunities for others to be empowered and experience a higher-level of accomplishment, joy, and/or impact.

You say what others are thinking but don’t feel comfortable saying.

In-Excess: You fear that if you spoke up and expressed what deep down you truly felt and needed to share with the world, you wouldn’t be accepted (and in that rejection you wouldn’t be loved).

You feel that if you really put yourself out there, you’ll be cast out, attacked, and left all alone.

You feel confused about why others don’t see what you see so clearly and feel like a minority in the sea of opinions around you.

(Important Note from Nemo: Chances are you’re not. In fact you’re likely in the Silent Majority whereas the Vocal Minority seem to be screaming the loudest. We feel the same way you do and need you to help us know we’re not alone and that it’s a possibility worth pursuing.)

…Won’t get you there!

Despite your track record of past successes, you’re finding that you’re running into challenges along your path to create the possibilities you truly want that feel like they remain no matter how you try to approach them.

It’s not that things aren’t going well or getting better, but you’re clearly off-track/off-timeline for what you really want. Or just as serious, you’re not really sure what you want specifically but there’s a gnawing sensation that what you have and where you’re heading is it.

You, like many other people in this community may choose to work with me to :

  • Integrate your Multiple Interests, Talents, and Roles in one consistent and confident version of you, the Unapologetic You,  so you can stop juggling the different sides of yourself you feel have to be depending on whose around you.
  • Enroll people into your vision and attract the right people into your world to compliment and augment you, so you can stop spending your time and energy trying to figure out who you need to be, what you need to say, and what you need to do to convince others
  • Discover your new personalized way forward, so you can stop living up to other people’s expectations of the “right / best” ways, strategies, & systems, which have typically resulted in you
  • Experience fulfillment & impact through your work, so you can stop “successfully achieving failure” – accomplishing what you were working towards only to find out it doesn’t bring you joy
  • Build your confidence as you embrace & celebrate your accomplishments and growth, so you can stop ignoring and doubting the ongoing evidence of your contributions and impact towards accomplishments
  • Be seen and understood as you truly are, not as others think you are, so you can stop feeling like an imposter and living in fear that you are wouldn’t be accepted if they knew the real you and how you truly felt
  • Build deep meaningful relationships with a peer group who challenge and support you in pursuit of your true aspirations no matter how grand, so you can hiding your awesomeness & playing a small game, so that others don’t feel threatened (and you aren’t left alone)

Welcome to your Frontier

Frontier (n): 1) the extreme limit of settled land beyond which lies wilderness; 2) the farthermost limits of knowledge or achievement in a particular subject

Congratulations – you’ve reached your frontier. The limits of the settled land of your achievement and knowledge you’ve used to view and operate in the world beyond which lies your wilderness.

To move forward and accomplish what would truly bring you joy now requires you to step out of your comfort-zone and into your wilderness.

The wilderness and the path through it is unique for each person. The maps you’ve used to navigate your world and the step-by-step journey to get from where you think you are to where you think you want to be are no longer serving you.

You’re not alone. And there’s nothing wrong with you. I’ve been there. We’ve been there. You’re a PIAneer and you (as you truly are) belong here.

Welcome – we’re all better off now that you’re here!

Navigating your wilderness

As you’re now off in uncharted territory for yourself, there is no clear path that to your destination. The next portion of your growth and development is not through instruction and information but rather through application and experience.

And as a PIAneer, you don’t have to do it all alone.

We’ve created a “community of practice” where we bring together different-minded, like-hearted PIAneers and support you in various environments to help you be successful.