We’re on a mission – Find out why (About Empjoyment)

Hey there, I'm Nemo Ashong, Founder of Empjoyment and PIAneer Leader of the World Joy Movement.

The best and most complete way to get to know us is to experience me yourself - I'd love to set aside time to get to know you as well and the possibilities worth pursing that you're creating.

From there, you can also find what we're up to through live and recorded videos on Youtube,  Facebook and Linked In, as well as our periodic facilitated public collisions.

If you’re reading this,

  • You probably thrive in environments where you were one of the few or the only people like you in the group: an outsider, a minority, a chameleon
  • You’re an inclusive leader who has created a track record of success for yourself and others by serving people through influence even without wielding power
  • You’re talented at a variety of skills, a jack of all trades
  • You find creative ways to tackle problems in a way that often surprises those around you
  • You’re an empathetic, people-centered, collaborative, and consensus-driven person who is great at making others feel welcome
  • You have a positive outlook towards the future and have a drive to help others see and experience new possibilities in their life and work
  • You typically bring passion and energy to the things that get you excited - with an enthusiasm most people consider intense

And the dark side to this is that...

You are also skilled at holding back parts of yourself and diminishing your skills and desires, exerting energy to the point of burnout in order to make others happy and keep the peace.

Along with it comes a feeling of loneliness -- even while surrounded by a crowd of peers. You live with a foreboding fear that if the people in your life (your peers, your coworkers, your managers, your clients, your partners ever knew or saw the real you, they wouldn’t accept you.

If this feels like you, read on…

What we do at Empjoyment is what we believe

We believe that:

  • the path to true inclusion is through the only thing all 7+ billion people on this Earth have in common: we are all different
  • by discovering, embracing, and leveraging our uniqueness as individual leaders, we can cultivate more inclusive teams, companies, cultures, and societies
  • your voice as an influential leader is part of the silent majority that needs to be heard & experienced by those you lead
  • you can strengthen relationships and serve people more powerfully by standing up, speaking up, and showing up for what you believe - even in the midst of conflict
  • you create your future dreams by modeling it through your present actions.

My name is Nemo Ashong.

I have a track records of leveraging my unique talents to pursue new possibilities and to thrive in new situations.

  • I transitioned from doing actuarial consulting to creating my dream job at a tech company in just 2 months while maintaining my salary.
  • I’ve launched company-wide programs bringing together employees around diversity and inclusion, company culture, and global community.
  • And when I moved to Asia, I built an online business that allows me to live out my beliefs, rather than getting a traditional job.

But beneath the surface of all this success, what drives me is a desire to be accepted, a fear of loneliness and being alone, and a longing to be recognized and valued for who you truly are - not who others think you are.

Because of all of this, I have cultivated a unique gift of creating space for people to choose their own path their way when the road they’ve been taking and the crossroads before them no longer fulfills them.

If you’re ready to be more you, and use your special gifts to take the next step in creating your future, then you and I should have a conversation.

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Our Vision: A world where every individual human is celebrated and valued for the contribution of their unique gifts/talents towards to good of all

Our Mission: To spread joy to billions by bringing together a truly inclusive and empowered world

Our Values: Be More You | Give and Grow Abundantly | Explore New Possibilities | Build Meaningful Relationships | Demonstrate Your Value(s)