Are You Hiding the Best Parts of You?

In a world where bright stars and huge impact makers graze history books, one can get intimidated into feeling like they are not good enough. Today’s video talks of revealing your best parts regardless of the potential backlash and the limiting question “Who are you to…?”.

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I have a question for you; is there something in your life that you thrive at but haven’t shared with the world? I recently had a conversation with someone who reminded me of an event that happened some time back. I was at work and we were working on a project for a client which was going to require our commitment through some late nights extending into the weekend.

Who Am I

The upcoming weekend was Martin Luther King Day. My manager said something that was pretty innocuous at the moment but it has stayed with me. She said: “we might have to work through the holiday weekend but let’s be real Martin Luther King Day is kind of a fru-fru holiday anyway!

After that happened I just sat there dumbfounded. Look at it this way, I am a regular guy who is working towards building a business, I work with people and give my all on a daily basis. Here I am talking about joy, possibility, inclusion, and authenticity so if Martin Luther King JNR who had so much gravitas and changed the entire world can be considered fru-fru then who am I?

Hiding Behind Resentment

During the conversation mentioned earlier, I realized that was feeling some disdain and resentment towards myself and the people who were all over social media posting very vulnerable things. I’m actually very fortunate because I surround myself with people who are willing to share their truth to the world.

At that moment though, all that vulnerability seemed a bit much and that is really interesting coming from me. My friend came out and questioned my stance, asking whether I had a problem with the posts or was I really envious of them because they were doing what I desired to do but was afraid.

One of my strengths is the ability for me to help and support other people. While I’m doing that and building a business and my life, at times it all feels incredibly fru fru. I want to be taken seriously and I want to have a good time and that’s not always easy to do.

Not Holding Back

What are some of the things that you are great at, that you’re hiding and why? There might be clues as to why you might be hiding the best parts of you, for me, it was the word fru fru.

I dropped that little nugget there so that you can allow your strength to shine through the work you do. I’m excited to bring this through to 2019 because I know that when I come from a joyous place things line up for me. So I’m not holding back  and I am not hiding it anymore.

Leave a message and tell me what you are exceptional. What have you have been hiding/ holding back or just afraid to put out there for a fear of backlash. Maybe you know something that might require additional vulnerability just to show how great you are.

Here’s to your next frontier…journey on.

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