Energy Behind Hustle and Flow (Live Coaching Conversation)

I’m thrilled to introduce Dr. Sarah Coxon to the Outliers, Pioneers, Maverick tribe. The two of us engage in a coaching conversation around hustle, flow, and the source of energy that drives both.

Questions for consideration:

– How were Nemo and Sarah being that allowed for the conversation to go to deeper levels as it progresses?

– What is the equivalent of “bad hustle” and Where in your life are you operating from that  place? And what would you gain if you could shift the driving source behind it?

What Would You Love to Create? (Live Coaching Conversation w/ Nemo Ashong)

I’m happy to introduce Justin Jobity to the Outlier, Pioneer, and Maverick Community.

Justin has a track record of reinventing himself to be able to take on new challenges, new worlds, and new experiences. And while that is incredibly uplifting, there are some hidden challenges that he has had to overcome to make what he’s done possible.

Join us as we explore those challenges from the past and address the hidden challenges he’s currently facing.

Questions for Consideration:

What is it that you want to create?

What’s that thing that excites you so much that nothing will stop you?

How to be Lucky (Live Coaching Conversation)

Some people want luck. Some people find luck. And a smaller subset still are able to create luck (even if they do so subconciously).

I’m happy to introduce you Jaspreet Dua (aka JD) who is an Outlier, Pioneer, and Maverick who consistently creates opportunities where few others would think possible. 

During our conversation, we call out 4 unique elements to his natural approach to create luck. 

The point here isn’t to take what works for JD and make it yours. Instead, I invite you to listen not for his 4 elements, but to the process we used to call out those elements. 

While you’re listening, use our conversation as a light and reflection into your own life and business. 

Questions to consider:

Where in your life have you created tremendous success with such ease and comfort that it could only be described as “luck”? (e.g. 10x results for 10% effort aka 100x) 

What conditions do you need in order for “luck” to meet you at it’s highest probability?

Where might you be downplaying or ignoring your own natural talents because they are in fact “natural” and easy.

What would happen to your life / business if you came from that “way of being” intentionally over the next 3 years?

A Journey of Vulnerability, Being Present and Serving Powerfully – Chris Joseph (Powerful Dialogue)

I feel it’s important to document my journey as an Outlier, Pioneer, and Maverick myself.

And one of the things I’ve learned is that if you choose to be the first, the only, or one of a kind, there are times when it can feel scary to put your ambitions, dreams, and visions into the world.

If there’s anything I feel the simple act of releasing this conversation 1.5 years later shows, is that it’s never too late to create the future you want to see in the present you are in.

As we start things off with the Outliers, Pioneers, and Mavericks conversations, I feel it’s important to make sure I’m showing the real journey, not just the polished version that makes it all look easy and flawless.

So let’s start with what I don’t want you to know about me…

I recorded this conversation in December of 2017… and didn’t publish it for another year and a half. 

There are a lot of reasons for that including energy fatigue of keeping up a podcast, not feeling aligned with where the podcast was going, and probably the most honest of them all, embarrassment because I had let so much time go by since we had initially recorded the session.

What Recurring Thoughts Drive You?

“Yes, you can!” No, this is not the Obama slogan although the man had a point. We often find ourselves faced with recurrent obstacles that challenge our minds before we set out to engage. Today’s video talks of how to use those doubtful thoughts as a driving force.


Video Synopsis and Additional Links

Today I wanted to share with you how transformative the last few weeks have been for me. Lately, there’s been a shift which has come in terms of a recurrent thought. A question/statement that has been driving me for years.

One of the things you might know about me is that I have been a young leader who has excelled in a lot of things very quickly. I consider myself to be an outsider of most things that I do. It is part of the reason why inclusion is such a big value for me because I somehow learn how to thrive being on the outside.

To be honest it wasn’t that I learned how to be isolated and alone, no, I learned how to be different and almost protective of how different I am.

A Recurrent Thought

I have been able to integrate that in a lot of different ways but there was a question/ statement that kept coming to mind. This recurrent thought drove a lot of what I did. It drove me to see myself as an outsider and it has served me quite well up until this point.

Before I share this thought, I would like to just pause and give you a chance to reflect. What is that thought that keeps coming to your mind as you go out and pioneer in your own world or keeps you from pioneering?

For me, that statement that kept coming up is: “I am not supposed to be here”. This has done wonders for me because it has allowed me to be able to take a stance and say: “I am not supposed to be here and because I am here anyway, it is a bonus and there’s nothing I can do right or wrong”.  Today I want to give you a chance to reflect on your own recurrent thought.

A New Thought

Recently, I had two mastermind conversations where I got codes from my mentor twice in the same day and essentially what ended up happening was that I realized I no longer needed to try to be who I was.

A new sensation was born: “you can do that?!” That right now is the thought that runs through my mind and it has replaced the “I’m not supposed to be here” sentence.  To be honest I don’t know how it is going to change things because I feel like I’m coming from a different place. I feel that for this part in my journey this is the more empowering place to be. It’s will guide the way that I show up for each of you.

This is the first live video that I have made specifically within the Pioneer oasis as opposed to just generally outputting it out to the world because: “I can do that!” I am able to look at that and find areas where I can inspire and surprise myself and others.

As I exercise my freedom, my North Star is now pointing in the way that triggers that particular question, Why not:

  • Start a podcast
  • Have multiple means of coaching people
  • Make a retreat in Bali
  • Triple your income within two years of leaving your professional job

Question: “You can do that?”

Answer: “Yeah, yeah you can!”

I’m going to be coming from this place, pioneers because this is for you. As pioneers, these thoughts may be frequent and how we let them shape our world is important. I just wanted to give us a little bit of time to get some perspective on that.

Guide the Lens

What would be a more empowering thought that can help and guide what drives you? Guide the lens that you look through things? Leave a message in the comments. Let me know what your thoughts are and we’ll go ahead and continue to build on this.