Changing how we Solve Problems as Visionary Leaders

Problem-solving is a learned skill which we all have to grow into. Today’s video talks of a new way to solve problems by choosing acknowledgement over understanding.
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I’m watching a video right now that is based on two things: belonging and education. This video was talking about some of the challenges that are involved when it comes to identity and how some of our word choices can create some feelings of not belonging within education.

A Unique Approach

One of the panelists talked about choosing to acknowledge the challenges that are there but then move toward the vision of what you really wanted.  I thought that was really unique. He went on to mention Obama and it got me thinking a little bit about what he did that was able to create and bring people together in such a way.  So it just got me thinking about the distinction around acknowledging and understanding.

The Distinction

Where that has taken my mind is to a distinction around problem-solving versus possibility generated. I find that overall we are a society that really values problem-solving. We give it money and time in an attempt to find a solution. On the other side of things will be more like the possibility generated side of things which would be, okay I am creating something new in the world. It’s different from what we’ve already experienced it may not be a solution to a problem but a new way of looking at this that makes the problem that we’re all facing right now completely irrelevant.

My Approach

I am a problem solver and when I get into the problem-solving mode, I am constantly looking to understand why this is an issue. We typically can spend a lot of time just trying to understand the problem which is great. A lot of my coaching revolves around belonging. At the end of the day, I’m finding ways for leaders to feel more comfortable with whom they truly are so they can bring out their unique gifts in the world whether it’s in the workplace, society or a community. I really just work to help them be able to feel comfortable with all of that. When it gets down to it a lot of times where we can spend an entire hour looking to understand the problem and even in our understanding it hasn’t changed all that much. Maybe it’s because the problem itself even with the solution wouldn’t get us to where we really wanted to go.

Try This

Today I want to just bring this up here from a different perspective: what if we didn’t need to understand but instead choose to acknowledge and continue to move forward with that knowledge? I’m playing with this here so as to make sure that in our conversations based on how we move forward, we have as many tools as possible within our toolkit. From an inclusion standpoint, I want to be one of the people out there that can openly share a different way of solving problems. My way of solving problems is to make them completely irrelevant. Sometimes I choose to acknowledge something and continue to move on versus acknowledge and then choosing to understand it deeper. This is an emergent thought right now and over time it will continue to codify and see itself out there. In very real terms this is my school and I want to make sure that as these thoughts are coming out you get a chance to hear it firsthand. I’m really looking forward to your thoughts on this. On to your next frontier…journey on.

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