Here's what you need to do next...

Step 1: Add the event to your calendar.

Please join on your laptop in a private area with strong internet connection so that you can speak freely and comfortably. The bar that is set for these conversations is at life-changing, and I look to you to create the space you would need to accomplish that.

Note: Given the small group nature, I currently am not rescheduling coaching sessions.

Step 2: Complete the pre-session questionnaire

Your coaching experience begins before we meet. Set aside time to complete your questionnaire at least 24 hours in advance. ( I’ll use it to create a powerful coaching experience for you.

Step 3Download Zoom Video Conferencing on your laptop

This LIVE webinar will be hosted on Zoom video conference.

Please download Zoom prior to our conversation as it takes a few minutes to install. If you have never used this program, feel free to test audio and video prior as we will begin promptly.

Use this link to join: (also in calendar invite)

Step 4: Check your inbox 

You’ll receive a copy of cthis as well as additional updates and resources in your inbox over the upcoming days.

Step 5: Visit the Oasis

If you are excited by the idea of being supported by a curated group of different-minded, like-hearted, and high-performing Outliers, Pioneers, and Mavericks where you can be safe and brave enough to explore the unknown that comes with playing at higher levels, I invite you to come join us in the Next Level Oasis!

Game on – Journey on!


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