35: Every Problem is Solvable (DeVon Lineman – Lead Data Scientist, Forkcast)


DeVon Lineman is no stranger to bad news. Despite completing all of the coursework to obtain a bachelor’s AND master’s degree in mathematics, financial difficulties prevented him from earning either.

He approached the problem like any game or sport: with persistence, creativity, and attention to detail. Today, he is the Lead Data Scientist at Forkcast where he builds machine learning algorithms using the technical skills he taught himself.

Listen to today’s episode as DeVon shares his love for problem solving, how it’s gotten him to where he is today, and how he continues to diligently overcome all the obstacles that stand in his path.


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  • Use strategy in all situations – become even more effective through approaching problems in life and work as strategy games
  • Make assumptions to become a better communicator and a more valuable team member in the midst of uncertainty and problem-solving
  • See failure as the doorway to success, rather than the opposite of success

TL;DL (Too long; Didn’t Listen): 3 Actionable Takeaways

  • Apply to every position you’d be happy to get. It’s their job to decide if you’re good enough – not yours.
  • Your problem has a solution. It might not be your favorite option, but the answer exists. Adopting this mindset will make you more capable and more resilient.
  • Put yourself in positions to get lucky. Create as many avenues for chance to work in your favor as possible.

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From Insight to Action

DeVon believes that all problems have solutions, and that life becomes more interesting and more joyful when we remind ourselves of this.

So let’s honor that with our first ever: SOLUTIONS WEEK!

For the next week, when you find yourself uncomfortable, distressed, and overwhelmed, remember that this too has a solution and resolve to find it.

Identify your objective, and create a framework of assumptions to operate within.  Act swiftly and with purpose. Does this feel different? Are you more capable and joyful when you turn problems into puzzles

#Joyney35: Share your experience with your Solutions week dedicated to being solutions-minded with us in the Empjoyment Community!


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Getting to Know Today’s Featured Empjoyee: DeVon Lineman!

DeVon Lineman studied Mathematics at Stevens Institute of Technology and works in data science and business analytics.
DeVon started as a data analyst for Fidelis SecureCare, Inc. in Detroit, Michigan.
He is currently the Lead Data Scientist at Forkcast, Inc. in Hoboken, NJ.

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