First Establish the What before Getting Stuck on the How

You have a dream, a goal which aligns with every reason for your existence. You write it down and are motivated to see it into completion but you get stuck on the process. How do you get from the starting point to the end product? Today’s video talks about how to let go of the “how” the process and focus on the “what”  the end product.

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Being a pioneer leader, I get to work with people who have huge visions and have achieved a traditional level of success.  The one question that comes up so often during interactions with different pioneers, regardless of its shape or form, is how.

You have an idea of the end result but you are stuck at the how to achieve it. Well, today I want to offer you something different, I’d love to offer you the question of what.

What vs. How

It is still early in the year and often, the huge vision for the year – the what – is in place. Many successful pioneers want to move on to the next step. The question then becomes how?

Having been a coach for a period of time now, I have found that the how is not straight forward. In fact, the question of how ends up being far more disempowering, than empowering.

I have recently been faced with the realization that it is the what and not the how that gets you to the next step of achieving your goals.

Launching a Community of Pioneers

Recently, I have been trying to launch a community for my pioneers and honestly speaking, this community has yet to exist in the form in which I would like. You see, I have been working with people on a one on one basis for over one and a half years now, a period within which they have had major breakthroughs and I have seen them achieve wonderful results.

Some of them have gone to take on new leadership roles within the organization. For the entrepreneurs, they have been able to bring in new clients based on who they are and not on an external projection of what they believe others would want from them.

Each of my pioneers has their own individual world, and I have had the opportunity to bring them together once in a while. In this regard, I have desired to bring them together in a community, and the question has been “how do I do it?”

In fact, so many how questions came to mind, how do I:

  • Get people to come to an event
  • Make sure I have people consistently coming in
  • Stay current and up-to-date
  • Make sure that I don’t lose my own integrity

With all these questions in mind, I delved into research for the answers by asking people for their thoughts. In the end, I didn’t know what help I needed or that I even needed the help.

The Realization of the What

After getting stuck at the how and opting to research for the answers, I was not getting anywhere until recently when I had a mind shift. I came to the realization that I was seeking approval from others:

  • That this community was necessary
  • Approval and permission from myself to create the community

The “what” was already in place, I knew what I wanted to build, and I just needed to do it!

I realized that all along, I was dwelling on the “how”, while it was really about the “what” that I should have focused on. What:

  • Do I want to build, not how do I want to build it
  • Impact do I want to have, and not how do I want to make the impact
  • Is the impact that I want people to have in my community of pioneers

My Offer to You

I finally did launch a community of a tight-knit group of pioneers who are being challenged even as they challenge each other. It is not as large as what I had in mind, it does not have the questions answered on how I’m going to get people in on a regular basis but at the same time, I have been able to scale it to something that works for me.

When I focus on what I see the community becoming, the how becomes irrelevant. This community is willing to see things differently now and grow through that instead of being alone and isolated.

That community is going to exist in different ways:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Live events
  • Webinars

Consider This

Do you have a question you have been asking yourself that starts with how? Now consider the result if you just focused on what:

  • Do you want to build, create
  • Needs to be different for you
  • Is at its core
  • Are the elements that you wanted to include
  • Do you want yourself and others to feel as they are going through this year

Once you have those answers, that pesky how will take care of itself. I promise you that the community I am starting right now will not look the same a year from now. It is an accelerator and I am going to be accelerated as this community continues to be morphed into shape and co-created by every person who joins it.

Now I don’t know how, but I realize that I don’t need to know how this will happen, I just know what I am looking to create and from there I know I can create it.

Today take a few minutes to write down five things where you have been asking yourself the how question then change it into a what question.

If you would like to join our community of pioneers or would like to get the what question answered, or if you simply wish to share your thoughts, get in touch with me and we will take it from there.

Here is to your next frontier…journey on.

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