Gifts Your Fear Brings You

A recent trip raised a sense of fear in me around the magnitude of my mission of bringing together a truly inclusive and empowered world.

This video is about embracing your fears to discover empowering insights that elevate your game!

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When Fear Presents Itself

In our recent visit to Sri Lanka, my wife and I had the opportunity meet several locals across the country and we got to talk to them about their world.

What struck me was how differently the considered and handled things from politics to religious environments and how their unique culture influenced what brings them together and drives them apart.

My former boss used to say: “Make sure you are not trying to boil the ocean”. That felt very applicable as my fear in the moment was: “how do I live into a mission this large?”

Choose to Embrace the Fear

Doubts expanded in my mind as I wondered:

As the doubts expanded, I wondered: Am I being naïve given that each culture operates from different cultural values? How can I possibily believe that one young leader from the United States can both define inclusion and carry it out in a way that people and cultures across the worlds would embrace.

I know deep down that Nemo Ashong is not the person who will go forth and change every single one of the seven-plus billion people on this earth’s view on inclusion. I will not change everyone’s mentality when it comes to empowerment and how to really belong in any place that they are so that we can focus on collaboration

Extract the Gifts that Fear Brings

This fear has taught me to reconnect with each of you from a different perspective.

And here’s where the gift lies in all this.

By exploring this fear,  I’ve gotten the clarity that the path for me to make the greatest impact is not in trying to change the hearts and minds of every individual on the planet – it’s in supporting leaders across the world who have missions and visions in alignment with my own to bring their visions to life.

It will be enough to support Pianeers with their leadership, so you can bring it back to a) your communities, b) your teams, c) your businesses, and d) your tribes that you lead.

From there, I’m sure you will be able to inspire other people and continue on – eventually cascading out until, through our collective efforts, every single person is impacted. This realization has come out of fear which gave me a little perspective to get back to what really matters.

The fear actually gave me a chance to anchor myself with what really matters and also give me new strategies in order to approach things going forward.

What this Means for you

This is only one way you explore some of the .  Where else do you feel fear around a mission, an approach of life/business, or a goal of .

Are fear and doubt holding you back from your freedom currently? Use these questions to embrace those fears and discover the gifts within them :

  • What is that fear really saying?
  • How might I approach it differently?
  • Where else is this fear showing up in my life?
  • What insights have I gained for past experiences where I felt like this?
  • What might I already know but have forgotten to allow myself to be successful in the midst of
    this fear?

I am grateful for this fear and now fear less. In supporting you, I’m moving one step closer toward my ultimate mission.

Now, I invite you to lean into fear, explore it, and choose to fear less.

Applying this to you, what is ONE gift one of your fears might be offering you? Leave a comment wherever you are. I’d love to engage in a dialogue with you.

Here’s to your next frontier – Journey on!

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