Give Yourself Some Grace This Year!

In this fast-paced world, we set goals and work hard to achieve them, however, challenges come and the journey can get rough. Today’s video reminds you to give yourself some grace as you move forward.
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As we start off the New Year, I have something in mind that is rather counterintuitive. I recently was part of an eye-opening conversation. It led me into a place where I now see the need to record some of my coaching sessions. This will give people a chance to explore for themselves and get the insights revealed therein. I will post this link soon. The conversation at hand, however, went to a very interesting place and what came up was the concept of giving ourselves grace. I thought that was very compelling especially now that we are starting out the year. This is the time when we’re thinking of resolutions, goals, and visions. We are coming out of the holidays and the physical season of winter, perhaps an internal season of winter as well where it feels like you have been hibernating.

Offering Grace

This is typically the season where there is a pull towards wanting to get a lot done because of the need to start the year off strong. I get it and trust me I will not mess with that energy at all. I don’t want to slow anyone down but at the same time, I want to offer the word grace back. Let us give ourselves a bit of grace as we:
  • Re-enter our daily routine
  • Look back to what we have done in 2018 or in the years prior.
Wherever you are right now, give yourself a bit of grace where you are able to say; this is where I am and this is what I need at this moment, and use that to continue going forward. This is easy, to be able to look back and come up with a list of:
  • All the things I didn’t get done
  • All the things I want to do (goals)
  • This is what I will do to achieve my set goals

My message for you Today

  • Slow down a little bit as you start off this year
  • Slow down as you move forward into what is coming up next for you
  • Take time to breathe into it all
  • Take time to enter it from a place of grace
  • Rest into your gifts and enter it from a place of grace
This is what came up during our conversation and I just thought it was it’s such a beautiful way of capturing: “resting into your gifts”. Give yourself the grace of not having to work hard in order to get the same results, if not better. Get in touch with me because I am very curious as to what this grace looks like for you as you start off your new year. If there’s one thing you can do to introduce more grace into the start of your year, what would it be? Here is to your next frontier…journey on.

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