How big is Your Authenticity Gap?

Societal expectations can anchor us in a way that our authentic selves are hindered from emerging and flourishing. Today’s video talks of how to bridge the gap between the real you and the side you present to the world.

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2019 is here and most of us have set goals we feel are within our reach or things that we aspire to do. Unfortunately, most of us never achieve our set goals and one of the reasons we fall short is caused by the size of our Authenticity Gap.

Lately, I have been brainstorming on this issue because I have experienced it firsthand based on my own experience and those of the pioneers I work with. These are go-getters who are focused on getting to their next level. They are at a point where they know they can accomplish anything but haven’t been able to get there. “Why is this?” I wondered, and then the word “Authenticity Gap” came into my radar.

What is the Authenticity Gap?

This is the difference between the two sides of a person. One side is the real you and the other is the side you present to the world. This difference could be brought about by the expectations presented by society. These societal expectations tend to suppress your true identity or passions. This prompts you to hide from your true self and instead you present a side which is “acceptable” by everyone else. In fact, these expectations might be self-imposed for various reasons:

  • The belief that this might be what we need to do in order to succeed
  • Avoiding conflict with the people around us because of who they think we are
  • The need to stay safe and be accepted in various settings

The divide caused by having a personal side and all these other varying sides causes more of a rent. This is the authenticity gap and it takes energy to maintain. Continuing on the same track will lead to a serious energy drain hence hindering any progress in anyone’s chosen paths.

Overcoming the Gap

It is important to set goals but as you do so consider the reason for your drive:

  • Are you doing it to fulfill other people’s expectations and maintain your projected image


  • To bring out the real you

Which of the above will really fulfill your desires, you know; desires that are at your core?

My Message to You

Being authentic can be scary, I experience it every time I go live on air. Typically I don’t even go live until I feel a swarm of butterflies flutter in my stomach. That anxiety means I really need to show up at that very moment.

I am starting the “Pioneer of Asus”, a private community for pioneers who want to work on these challenges. It will be a place where people come and practice being more themselves on a regular basis. I know firsthand how difficult it can be to shed all the layers and remain authentic.

If you are interested in having support and looking into what your authenticity gap is, contact me now. Worry not if this doesn’t sound like what you need right now. Maybe you just want a chance to slow down and take a look at your values or practices and then go and reset your goals. I see you and I am interested in what we are able to create together. Get in touch with me and I shall walk with you on this journey.

This is to your next frontier… journey on.

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