A Journey of Vulnerability, Being Present and Serving Powerfully – Chris Joseph (Powerful Dialogue)

I feel it’s important to document my journey as an Outlier, Pioneer, and Maverick myself.

And one of the things I’ve learned is that if you choose to be the first, the only, or one of a kind, there are times when it can feel scary to put your ambitions, dreams, and visions into the world.

If there’s anything I feel the simple act of releasing this conversation 1.5 years later shows, is that it’s never too late to create the future you want to see in the present you are in.

As we start things off with the Outliers, Pioneers, and Mavericks conversations, I feel it’s important to make sure I’m showing the real journey, not just the polished version that makes it all look easy and flawless.

So let’s start with what I don’t want you to know about me…

I recorded this conversation in December of 2017… and didn’t publish it for another year and a half. 

There are a lot of reasons for that including energy fatigue of keeping up a podcast, not feeling aligned with where the podcast was going, and probably the most honest of them all, embarrassment because I had let so much time go by since we had initially recorded the session.

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