Let’s Do This! – Empjoyment Coaching Options

Kudos to you for deciding to take action on what would bring you joy in life and work. It’s not a decision that should be taken lightly, and I want to start by acknowledging you for this.

Whether you’re new to coaching or you’re looking for a new coach, I invite you to apply for a Complimentary Exploration Coaching Session with Nemo.

Currently, there are three ways to work with Nemo. All options are by invitation-only and involve an application and a complimentary exploration coaching session. A coaching relationship goes beyond that of a mentor as a coach isn’t there to share his/her/their experience to guide you. Instead, as a coach, I’m here to empower you to trust yourself and dare to be more of yourself – I believe that’s always the path to success.

If you’re ready to live into the possibility of experiencing joy each and every day, here are some ways I can support you.

Possibility Coaching

One of the most common roadblocks our community of Empjoyees face is having a great grasp of what they want. This might present itself as “what am I passionate about”, “what is my mission in life”, “what do I want to do next”, “why aren’t I feeling fulfilled in this job even though my friends remind me I should feel lucky to work here” and so on.

Most people have never had someone create the space and truly listen to them as they explore their hidden dreams and the dreams behind those dreams. Most people have subscribed to the notion of continuing on their default path by making small incremental changes and waiting to do what they want until they “have” [the money, the experience, the time, the promotion, the confidence] to start taking action. Unfortunately, this Have -> Do ->Be mentality often works directly against them as the “have” target keeps shifting.

We flip that on its head by focusing on Be -> Do -> Have to get people exponential results which we consider to be greater results in an accelerated period. This 4-week program sets the foundation for your ongoing exponential success.

Week 1: Your Possibilities – You’ll have the space to explore what you truly want out of life and work without the restrictions of what others place on you.

Week 2: Your Unique Advantages – You’ll bring to surface your unique advantages and strengths, and craft ways for you to leverage them to make your possibilities a reality faster.

Week 3: Your Mindset – You’ll discover the assumptions that drive your world view, identify which assumptions are helping you and holding you back (“what got you here, won’t get you there” as they say).

Week 4: Reflection, Roadmap, and (w)Rap-up – You’ll take time to self-reflect and develop a roadmap to further explore and navigate your possibilities as you implement them in your life.

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Experience Coaching

Taking action and building confidence through action is at the core of this program of Empjoyment as we focus on application in the short-term and transformation in the long-term. We’ll work together over time to bring your possibilities to life.

It’s all about joy here at Empjoyment, so we want to make sure you have fun as you live into your possibilities. We do this by crafting a unique, personalized game that serves as an action-oriented framework for your strategy and the execution of your strategy towards a specific possibility.
Throughout the program, we’ll focus on 5 elements and use them to inform the rules of YOUR GAME, the ways you get points, and what winning means in this case as it applies to your life and work.

Your Empjoyment Elements

1- Your Possibilities – Discover, explore, and navigate the possibility of living the life you truly want experiencing the joy that comes with doing your best work while being your best self everyday.

2- Your Unique Advantages – Get better results, differentiate yourself from others and bring your possibilities to life with more ease, more confidence, and more enjoyment simply by being more of yourself.

3- Your Mindset – Understand the assumptions you are currently making that impact the way you see the world and decide whether to drop, keep or upgrade them to get you to your next possibility.

4- Your Game – Personalize a fun, flexible framework and step-by-step, structured strategy to make your possibilities a reality while leveraging your unique strengths.

5- Your Choice – Customize your coaching with an existing (or new) additional element that really resonates with you and what will best help you bring your possibility to life

Let’s play! Here’s what you’ll experience each month:

  • Bi-weekly private coaching sessions – We’ll focus on you, the current possibility you are working towards, and any roadblocks that you are facing.Expect a mix of deep coaching, themed coaching on a specific goal or element, and other experiences tailored to you, your needs, and your game. Also, we’ll end each discussion with action items to play with between the next round.
  • Weekly Accountability  – You’ll send Nemo a detailed weekly report by 6PM EST ON SUNDAY based on the key areas we’ve agreed upon for your game.  This report will serve as your scoreboard and provide ongoing insight into your key lead indicators.These indicators are behaviors you control that leverage your unique strengths and create opportunities for you to accelerate towards your possibility.
  • Bonus 1: Possibility Coaching – Your success in this program will be impacted by our understanding of your possibilities, your unique advantages, and your mindset. These set the foundation for Your Game and as such is is a pre-requisite for this. If you have not taken Possibility Coaching, your first 3 or 4 weeks will focus on this (accelerated 2 week program as available on a limited basis)
  • Bonus 2: Invitation-Only Group Sessions – You’ll be joining a select community of people (aka Pioneers) who are also working towards creating amazing possibilities in the world. While each Pioneer is working on their own distinct game, there may be opportunities to explore group coaching, guest speakers, themed discussions, and more.  These sessions will be scheduled on an on-demand basis and typically will be recorded and shared among other Pioneers.
  • Bonus 3: Access to Pioneer community group discussion (coming soon) – You’ll have the opportunity to connect directly with other Pioneers as you support one other, motivate each other, and cooperate to bring to life your individual possibilities. The impact of being surrounded by high-performing, high-potential people who are dedicated to their aspirations is quite profound, and we’ll be waiting to open access to this until the timing is appropriate.

Minimum duration: 3 months

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Transformation Coaching

This is a fully immersive coaching experience that can span anywhere between 3 to 7 days. Over the course of this time, we’ll meet in a mutually agreed upon remote destination outside of your normal day to day (e.g. Bali, Greece, Italy, Argentina).

This immersion is focused on setting the space for ongoing transformation as we focus on 3 core elements:

Your Past – We’ll start with the framework of what made you who you are. By exploring what makes you you, what experiences define and differentiate you, and what areas in your life have contributed to your highest levels of joy, we’ll have a foundation for future possibilities to start bringing to life now.

Your Future – We’ll focus on your possibilities 3, 5, 10, and 20 years into the future. Whether you have specific goals in mind, a legacy that you’d like to leave, or a impact you’d like to leave for your family, your community, or your world, we’ll explore what you deeply desire for your life and work from all aspects (not just career and business, but family, fitness, free-time, travel, finance, fun, and more). We’ll also explore the skills, experiences, and resources you’ll need to make that come to fruition.

Your Present – We’ll spend time creating roadmaps and action plans based on where you’re heading from here. You’ll leave with clarify on the key relationships to build and experiences you’d like to create for yourself to bring your future possibilities to life. You’ll also identify the pitfalls and roadblocks to avoid to best position yourself for the life you want for yourself and those around you. We’ll also explore the shifts in the way you see the world and yourself that will enable and empower you to make your future a reality. Finally, you’ll develop a personalized roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Transformation Coaching also includes the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: Year of  Experience Coaching Program

Bonus 2: Year Pioneer Community Membership

Bonus 3: Complimentary access to any public live or virtual events

Bonus 4: Prioritized consideration for Empjoyment Apprenticeship program (limit 2)

Bonus 5: Leadership opportunities within broader Empjoyment community and platform

Packages for Transformation Coaching begin at $10,000 USD.

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Additional Empjoyment Elements include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Your Leadership – Bring your possibilities to life confidently and spend more time leveraging your unique advantages through a powerful team that complements you through their strengths and a community that embodies your vision daily
  • Your Energy – Increase your time around the activities, people, and environments that fill you up and eliminate that which drains you to avoid fatigue, spinning your wheels, and burnout
  • Your Relationships – Feel good about the people you surround yourself with, the person you show up as with various people, and your ability to facilitate social relationships towards to a common goal
  • Your Experience – Identify the skills, qualities, and attributes needed to bring your possibilities to life and how your past and future experiences can be contribute to their realization
  • Your Impact – Scale the possibility you’d like to see in the world by modelling it through your daily life and actions