PIAneer Mastermind

I’m thrilled to officially invite you to be a founding PIAneer within the PIAneer mastermind.

My primary objective is to get some of the most inspiring people I know who are up to big things together to create more than what they could do on their own and to accomplish it their way.

Mastermind, Coaching, and Community have been 3 essential elements of my success and journey. There’s really nothing that compares to have the access and the safety of a tribe of people who create the space for you to get more insight into what works for you. Because of that, we’re creating positive, empowering environments and relationships to help each PIAneer continue to lead and move forward into their edge and out of their comfort-zone for exponential growth and accelerated results.
Here’s the general framework of how we’ll be creating something truly unique during this experience:
  • Bi-weekly Small Group Mastermind: 3-5 PIAneers meeting every two weeks to navigate both your challenges and opportunities through guidance, accountability, and support. Meetings will take place at the same night and time in the 6-9 am & 6-9 pm range based on New York and Singapore times.
  • Monthly Community Collisions: Deepen your relationships and gain additional insight with other members of the community through a range of customized activities for the entire community including:
    • Guest speakers – Curated Guests brought in to share expertise in an area that is of importance to current PIAneers. We won’t have all the skillsets, and we’ll supplement as needed
    • Deep Coaching – Be a fly on the wall as someone gets coached deeply with Nemo to completely handle a roadblock or take advantage of an opportunity forever.
    • Coffee chats – Social opportunities to just get to know 1 or more people in the community as a person
    • PIAneer Learn and Shares – Each PIAneer is a leader and an expert in something and we’ll have the opportunity to learn from each other in an area of strength
  • Weekly PIAneer Framework Themes: We’ll be further developing your leadership and ability to navigate your personal and professional frontier with a focus on the first three pillars of the PIAneer framework: Possibility,  Inclusion, and Authenticity. These themes will be guided based on group needs and direction as the program continues.
  • PIAneer Community Discussion Group: Daily support through an online discussion group where you’ll have access to other PIAneers and a forum to ask questions, share insights, celebrate wins, and dive deeper into creating your possibilities your way.

All this being said,  I’ve found that the structure/content is really the least important part of the success for you. It comes down to how you show up in amongst a group of your peers – people who see you as you and hold you to that standard.

You’ll be challenged, you’ll support others, and you’ll discover, embrace, leverage, strengthen, and celebrate your unique talents to accomplish your goals.

If you’re ready for a truly life-changing experience and are prepared to build deep meaningful relationships with different-minded, like-hearted peers from a variety of backgrounds and experience, let me know and let’s do this!