32: Rejection is not a reflection of you as a person (Amanda Oliver – Content & Brand Strategist, OrionCKB)


Amanda Oliver shares how she remained fearless after submitting 2000 applications and 260 interviews and still getting passed over.

This episode is all about how you can move past your own personal “rock bottom” to experience a role where your unique talents are recognized, appreciated, and valued.


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  • Determine your transferable skills from a prior role, industry, company to your new opportunity
  • Utilize several tools to get clarity on how to figure how that you want from your work experiences
  • Trust your intuition without guidance and a detailed call to action from your manager

TL;DL (Too long; Didn’t Listen): 3 Actionable Takeaways

  • Remaining fearless in the midst of rejection and difficult times empowers you to choose the direction of the next chapter in your life and work.
  • Trust yourself– you know what you’re looking for out of your work experience, so just go for it
  • Always bring your past experience and skills to the table – when you operate from your full self, your unique genius and value-add has room to surface.

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From Insight to Action

Amanda encourages use to do what it is that makes us forget about everything else and implores us to be honest in that process. We also discussed a number of different ways to answer that question for yourself?

#Joyney32: What is one tactic that you will use to identify what you truly love, so you can do more of it at work? Share it with us in the Empjoyment Community!


Additional Resources to Accelerate your Growth

Getting to Know Today’s Featured Empjoyee: Amanda Oliver!

Amanda is a 30 year old proud Millennial and is known for her colorful personality. After being let go for refusing to take a $15,000 pay cut, she pursued her dream of writing as a career path.
She now works for OrionCKB, one of the leading direct response ad agencies, and actually, truly enjoys going to work.
Because she realized that many others were stuck in joyless jobs, she began a side hustle to help them not only figure out what they should be doing, but also how to help them land their dream job.
Since she clearly hates free time, she also freelance writes for Canva.com and handles social media for two other websites. 
When she’s not keeping herself busy, Amanda enjoys reading for fun, traveling with her husband of almost six years, fostering dogs, and spoiling her own pup, Talulah Belle.

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