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One on One Coaching:  Experience deep and powerful coaching directly with Nemo for a 6 months or longer. Given the amount of ongoing support and personal dedication Nemo brings forth in this program, only 6 individual coaching clients are taken on at a time. This is for people who are on a mission truly larger than themselves. You don’t NEED help but you WANT it to make the impact you want in the world. We explore the good, the bad, and the unique to help you achieve exponential success at an accelerated rate.

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The Secret of Being Unapologetically You: Our flagship 12-week program for 10 PIAneers who are done playing by other people’s rules and truly committed to showing up in their world as authentically, confidently, and abundantly as possible.

This is a practice-zone for you to discover, embrace, and leverage your unique gifts and talents so you can integrate them into the way you make your impact in the world. People don’t leave this program a completely different person but rather more of themselves than they have ever been before.

The group aspect allows you to be supported, to be seen, and to be inspired by other PIAneers who are bringing more of themselves into the work that they do as well as they step beyond their comfort-zone and into the frontier of their next stage of impact.

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