#WorldJoyMovement & Ted Main Stage – An Idea Worth Spreading NOW!

Why settle for World Peace when we could have World Joy?

Turns out I have a TED talk in the making (note: not tedx talk). It’s something along the lines of:

“Let’s not settle for World Peace -> Let’s create World Joy”

Thanks to Allison Poss of Girls with Ideas for drawing that out and holding it in front of me to see. Not sure when it will happen, but I’m sure it will take place sooner than I expect or anticipate. Regardless of when, I’ll be ready!!

And since I operate from a place of goals like this being a place to “come from”, then if I truly see this as an “idea worth spreading”, I need to spread the idea!

— The Idea —

World Peace is a commonly mentioned goal. In my mind, I see that as everyone in the world coexisting with each other, next to each other in harmony, everyone minding their own business and peacefully living side-by-side.

I like that idea for sure. It’s a great possibility for our future. It’s also something that a lot of people consider “Impossible”, a “pipe-dream”, or “never gonna happen”.

So the question I ask myself is, If it’s unattainable, why not set our sights on something higher?

Why settle for World Peace when we could have World Joy?

In my mind, I see World Joy occurring in a world where we don’t just “get along with ” or “tolerate” each other but instead “celebrate” and “value” one another for the contributions they make to society and the world through their unique talents, gifts, and contributions.

A world where there is no feeling of scarcity but only abundance because each person is truly empowered to do, create, and contribute something unique to them. In this way, we’re not distracted by competing against each other for artificially “limited” resources, but instead work together to collectively leverage our individual and group strengths towards creating new resources and “unlimited” possibilities.

You see, the opposite of war and competition isn’t peace to me, but rather joy and collaboration.

The next revolution isn’t a technology revolution but a collaboration revolution. Nothing should ever stop us and hold us back from our rightful destiny to experience such joy.

I see this as being possible in my lifetime and I’m committing myself to making this a reality.

—My Ask —

The real key to a TED talk is that it’s an “idea worth spreading”. This idea and vision is something that will continue to evolve but in the spirit of “coming from” my goal instead of “getting to” it, I’m going to ask you to spread this ONLY IF you agree it’s worth spreading.

I don’t need TED to get this to spread and have impact. In fact, I’m realizing that my TED talk will only be a reflection, another breeze of wind in the ocean support the wave effect of the World Joy Movement. When it happens, it will only be an acknowledgement and multiplier of an idea that’s already spreading, not the catalyst that starts it all.

So I ask you to spread this idea and let’s make an impact together now. It could be through a share on social media, or a comment. It could be through a conversation with your sibling, your friend, your co-worker, your family, your team, your leadership.

But the NUMBER 1 way to really and truly spread this idea is to simply start living it.

– Operate from the place that it is already true in YOUR world.

– Celebrate and value the unique gifts of the people around you.

– Share something you appreciate about the next person you talk to.

– Choose to elevate your company environment & conversations from peace (diversity) to joy (inclusion & belonging)

– Be the person who boldly chooses the joy of being more of who your truly are – unapologetically you – and make one different decision today that aligns with a world where Joy and Collaboration are simply the way things are.

Be a part of the World Joy Movement -> Actually, just BE THE WORLD JOY MOVEMENT.